Design degree in the specialization of Graphic design

Visual communication is a fundamental component in the age of communication. We constantly receive stirrings and visual messages through the use of means as books, urban billboards, letters, printing, television, internet, packaging, etc. These visual messages are created by the graphic designer, who works as interlocutor and as translator between a broadcasting entity (the company), which has to transmit them, and the target audience, that receives them. This makes the job of the designer in visual communication, or graphic design, an emerging career with a growing area of applicability in the field of production and information.

 This course is regulated by the Decreto 48/2011, de 6 de mayo, del Consell, It establishes the organization of high degrees. These courses, placed in the European Higher Education Area, are totally equivalent to academic degrees and they give access to postgraduate courses, master degrees and PhDs (Marco Español de Cualificaciones (MECES)).


High degree courses of Design consist of four academic years, for a total of 240 credits (60 for each course) and each credit corresponds to 25 hours.


The course of Graphic design mainly aims to communicate messages through the use of visual or audiovisual language.

Production sectors/employment

Corporate identity
Graphic design
Artistic director in advertising
Audiovisual design
Graphic design in television
Multimedia design
Interaction design, Web design
Environmental designer: design and communication applied to the environment
Infographic or Information design
Research and teaching


The curriculum* consist of four academic courses. Each of them corresponds to 60 credits ECTS, for an amount of 240 credits ECTS, that are divided among the subject of the semester. They are divided in basic subject courses, specialist training, external internship and final degree projects.

First course

Basic drawing techniques4
Basic projects6
Design and graphic techniques6
Space and volume.6
Representational systems6
Languages and digital techniques6
Photography and audiovisual equipment6
Scientific basis of drawing4
History of drawing6
Business and Design4

Second course

Design culture6
Reproduction techniques and printmaking8
Laboratory of photography6
Analysis and experimentation of graphical languages8
Graphic design projects16
Audiovisual computer equipment6
Creative typography4
Digital infographic equipment6

Third course

Production techniques and digital printing6
Appearance of contemporary leanings for Graphic design 
Graphic design projects 
Interactive design projects 
Marketing and communication 
Design management 
History and culture of Graphic design 
Audiovisual design projects 
Laboratory of graphic composition and communication 

Fourth course

Final degree project18
Elective courses30
*The organization and the general order of high degree artistic subjects for Design degrees are contained in the Orden 26/2011 del 2 de noviembre.